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Delacamp holds event in Bulgaria

October 26, 2015

The components supplier joined its Bulgarian distributor Freckles to organise a seminar for the remanufacturing industry there.Delacamp Bulgaria

Delacamp said that the event had 170 Bulgarian delegates, from the city of Sofia where it was held as well as other places across the country.

Among the speakers for the two-day event were The Recycler’s Editor and Publisher David Connett, who spoke on price and value, and Bernd Opitz, Sales and Marketing Manager from AF International, who discussed the right cleaning products” for the aftermarket. You can read Connett’s report from the event in issue 276 of The Recycler, starting on page 56, and his blog about the event here.

Thomas Spicker, Thomas Albrecht and Susanne Przybylski spoke from Delacamp itself, providing a general background of Delacamp and Mitsubishi as well as a technical insights into Delacamp’s products and quality. Colour toner, CPT (chemically-produced toner) and colour components were also one of the highlights of the Delacamp presentations.

The seminar is the first of a series in Western and Eastern Europe, following similar events in Greece, the Czech Republic and Italy, among other places.

Peter Stefanov, owner of Freckles, said: “From the outset, we had a clear concept for our conference. Delacamp understood our need precisely and put together a crack team to support us with market knowledge and technical knowhow.

“Our business relationship was strengthened in new ways and are especially happy that we made new Delacamp friends.”

Connett added: “It was a pleasure to join Delacamp and the other speakers to participate in the Freckles conference. The conference was well organised and run, and provided an ideal opportunity to engage and share with a large and enthusiastic audience who are acutely aware of the issues and challenges in the industry today.”

Delacamp’s Thomas Spicker stated: “All presentations were well received by the audience. Freckles really manages to explain to their customers the excellence of Delacamp’s product range. The high level of Delacamp’s quality products for monochrome and colour was well received by the audience, and we are very proud to have a quality-oriented partner like Freckles on our side.”

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