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Delacamp achieves AEO status

February 8, 2019

The company has announced that it has been certified as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

As explained by the European Commission, the AEO concept was established by the EU based on “internationally recognised standards”; it is a programme which “aims to enhance international supply chain security and to facilitate legitimate trade”.

In line with this programme, “Traders who voluntarily meet a wide range of criteria work in close cooperation with customs authorities to assure the common objective of supply chain security and are entitled to enjoy benefits throughout the EU.”

Regarding eligibility, the EC explains, “Any economic operator established in the customs territory of the Union who is part of the international supply chain and is involved in customs-related operations, may apply for the AEO status.”

Delacamp, which is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year, has released the following statement regarding the news of its new status:

“As an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), DELACAMP has a special status: We are considered to be particularly reliable and trustworthy and are able to get special treatment as well as benefits in customs clearance.”

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