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Dealers join MPSA through Ricoh ChaMPS programme

November 10, 2011

Meridian Imaging and Electro Imaging Systems among others in Managed Print Services Association.

Several Ricoh dealers have entered the Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) through the Ricoh ChaMPS programme, which allows Ricoh Family Group dealers to join the MPSA at reduced rate on corporate membership, reports What They Think?

New channel members include A&B Business, Electro Imaging Systems, Meridian Imaging Solutions and Smart Technologies.

Joe Barganier, MPSA President, commented: “Our membership with MPSA is really about growing and developing our MPS approach and strategy on an on-going basis. Printing and copying are moving targets, and we know that MPS is also a rapidly growing trend. We want to make sure we continue to offer the best service, recommendations, and partnering approaches to our customers, and MPSA will help us do that.

“Being a member isn’t just about short-term benefits and enhancements to our program, it’s about staying informed so that we know how to create long-term partnerships with our customers so that they trust we are experts within their organisation.”

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