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DCi signs partnership with Kodak

February 28, 2017

DCi signs partnership with KodakThe UK remanufacturer will produce a range of “Kodak-branded” inkjet and toner cartridges for use in other OEM printers, including HP Inc, Epson, Canon, Samsung and Brother.

In a press release, the UK remanufacturer stated that it had signed the partnership with Kodak for “Kodak-licenced products”, adding that DCi “prides itself on being a British manufacturer” with a “32,000m2 purpose-built production facility in the UK, where all inkjet and toner cartridges are produced under one roof. This ensures “complete control over the manufacturing and quality processes”, allowing it to become “the leading remanufacturer in Europe”.

The partnership will see DCi “produce a range of Kodak-branded ink and toner cartridges” for use in HP Inc, Epson, Canon, Samsung and Brother printers, and “as with all Kodak licenced products”, both DCi and “the products selected within the Kodak ink and toner portfolio have undergone a range of quality checks ranging from page yield performance to compatibility testing prior to being awarded the licence”.

The recommended retail prices (RRPs) of the remanufactured Kodak cartridges will “sit between” 20 and 40 percent “below the equivalent branded cartridge, allowing the user to save on their printing costs”. The inkjet range “covers over 50 of the top selling cartridge lines compatible with [the] latest printers”, while the toner range covers “over 150 lines”.

Phil Sneath, Head of Business Development at DCi, stated: “Kodak is a true global brand synonymous with quality imaging products. The Kodak brand is a fantastic opportunity for DCi, our distribution partners and retail customers to represent a premium remanufactured ink and toner product. Over the coming weeks we will be engaging with potential distribution partners across Europe and welcome interested parties to make contact with.”

Brian Cruz, Vice President and General Manager of the Consumer Products Group at Kodak, added: “Kodak is pleased to partner with DCi. Their reputation and array of high quality inks and toners make them a natural partner. With a long history as a leading manufacturer and innovator in the digital printing industry, we look forward to working with DCi to expand their portfolio and to extend the reach of the Kodak brand across Europe.”

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