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DCI doubles production capacity

August 16, 2013

UdcijettecfactoryK remanufacturer’s continued growth, new customer acquisition and environmental strategy leads to doubled remanufacturing capacity.

Dynamic Cassette International Ltd (DCI) has announced that it has been able to double its remanufacturing production capacity at its production facility in Boston, Lincolnshire, where the company designs and builds all production machinery and produces all finished products in-house.

The company said the increased capacity is due to its continued organic growth, acquisition of new customers and its environmental strategy; including the addition of Epson remanufactured products to its range, which have replaced Epson compatible cartridges as part of a mutually agreed settlement with Epson following a legal dispute.

DCI also highlighted the benefits of its complete control over the manufacturing process, which it believes allows it to react to market changes as well as customer demand, enabling customers to hold minimum stock whilst maintaining full availability.

“Speed to market, a short supply chain and complete control over product quality has been the cornerstone of our success in the past and will continue to be in the future,” said a DCI spokesperson. “Our customers drive us.  In a market place filled with poor quality products customers want transparency of the supply chain.  They tell us they want environmentally friendly products and a closed loop recycling solution.”

DCI’s production capacity increase has led to the creation of over 50 jobs in the area in the last three months, with the company predicting a strong final quarter this year.

The Recycling Factory, DCI’s empties collection arm, has also seen continued expansion and has recently increased the range of empty cartridge models accepted through its schemes to include Epson inkjet cartridges and over 100 laser toners; with over one million empty inkjet and toner cartridges processed every month.

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