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Day 3: And the data flows

January 28, 2020

Day 3 at the show was, thankfully, a little quieter and an opportunity to have more detailed and in-depth visitor and client discussions.

Day three of the show closed on a high note for one exhibitor who closed a deal to supply a Brazilian customer with toner for their 25,000 MPS printer fleet. Sadly, until the ink is dry on the contract they asked for privacy. “This is just one example of the conversations that are taking place across the hall today,” said Stefanie Unland, The Recycler’s Editor and Publisher. Sebastian from Munich said: “I think the show is a little quieter today than yesterday which is a good thing because I have been able to have good meetings with my suppliers and meet with some of my remanufacturing customers.”

Toko who were located on the Apex both were busy demonstrating their Unismart Chip reset service and had a busy day and judging by the number of Unismart boxes in the hall, they have successfully converted more remanufacturers to the reset system.

The brand new Katun booth was busy as usual. Katun have had a good 2019 and is starting the new decade with a focus on innovation and a new fresh approach and marketing strategy to engage the market. UK based Data Direct were again busy as visitors wanted to know more regarding the announcement about their link up with CET.

Static Control’s booth remained busy throughout the day. Static Control’s CEO, Ken Lalley shared: “We love embracing this opportunity to connect with customers face-to-face and hear their business needs. As a full-range supplier of both components and cartridges, we offer a unique conversation with remanufacturers. Many of our discussions have been geared toward helping customers compete against low-quality cartridges that offer no real value to consumers. Static Control can offer something that offers quality, reliability and most importantly, can keep businesses competitive.  Overall for the show, all the feedback has been positive from both the visitors to the stand that I’ve spoken with along with our staff working the stand.” 

Biuromax unveiled their new “You First” rebranding on their newly designed and busy everyday booth.

Day three of The Recycler Live seminar programme started with and extended “Market Trends” presentation from Andrew Carroll, Associate Director, Keypoint Intelligence – Infotrends who will be navigating the market changes and signposting opportunities and niches in the office imaging channel, the latest OEM perspective and highlighting the current market trends and new opportunities and using his analytical crystal ball take a look at the next 18 months and what you can expect to see in the office imaging market.

Getting Quality Toner to Market was the next presentation from Robin Gregory Mowatt, General Manager, CET Group Dubai who shares the CET journey about what makes quality toner and the experiences CET has learned from top Japanese enterprises and how CET fits into the quality toner market.

It’s not just you, it’s the US as well and Charles Brewer, President, Actionable Intelligence knows the North American market. His presentation, entitled “Understanding Today’s Increasingly Diverse North American Consumables Market” looked at the increasingly complex supplies markets for home and office devices in the region and examine how hardware manufacturers are developing new go-to-market plans that allow them to compete more effectively with third-party supplies vendors. In addition, we’ll survey the North American markets for A3 and A4 consumables and discuss how OEMs, remanufacturers, and new-build compatible manufacturers are all battling for market share.

Zoltan Matyas, Business Development Manager at Integral was back with us to present the popular Digital Marketing Update 2020. According to Zoltan, if your digital marketing strategy is an occasional post on Facebook, this presentation is for you.  In this presentation you will explore the LinkedIn evolution, cookies, hyper re-targeting, chatbots, private messaging, personalisation, CRM-WEB integration and a whole lot more. You won’t be an expert in one hour, but you will know what you need to do for your own digital marketing strategy.

The Recycler has been tracking the OEM brands for a few years now to see which brands would survive and which brands would exit. What does the OEM brand future look like for 2020 and beyond? What do you think the impact of the Xerox – HP deal will be if it happens? David Connett presented the OEM Brand Report and you will be surprised by some of the results as The Recycler launches its 2020 top brands list!

The show is not all about presentations and there is a lot to see in the Remanexpo Hall. Check out our featured exhibitors: chip maker TNCore, surplus OEM stock specialist Impro Group, European based toner manufacturer Integral, Chinese toner manufacturer Hubei Dinglong, European market leader in the office imaging consumables market ARMOR, Spanish company GM Technology will be showcasing their full range of remanufactured printing equipment and supplies, Aster will be showcasing IP-safe products and solutions at the show.

Zhuhai Gikar will have their latest chips at the show and products at this year’s Paperworld, while World leading alternative supplies company, Katun Corporation, will have their latest products at the show.  Print-Rite will be showcasing its latest released of compatible Kyocera toner cartridges. Swiss based Cross Imaging are displaying several new products as well as their range of quality toners. Checkout Ninestar’s new monthly subscription Instinkt programme. Then drop by Mito (Part of the Dinglong Group) and one of the largest remanufacturers in the world.

To stay up to date on all that is happening at Remanexpo and Paperworld, visit our website or drop by our booth D61.


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