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David Connett celebrates 18 years at The Recycler

November 5, 2015

The Recycler's Editor, David Connett

The Recycler’s Editor, David Connett

This week marks 18 year since David Connett took over as Editor of The Recycler magazine, with Connett happy to report that “I get as excited today with each issue as I did way back then”.

Over that time, The Recycler has seen its audience grow from around 1,000 mostly UK and EU remanufacturers to a global remit of 40,000 remanufacturers, collectors, brokers supply and office products channel. It has grown from a magazine which included all the content to include a website, newsletters, and live events, with the print audience remaining strong.

A 1999 The Recycler survey found that on average 2.6 copies of the magazine were being sent to each business, and read by two; now it is 1.1 copy per business and just over 4.3 people read each copy, while 38 people join the digital audience each week.

Connett came to the job knowing “more about thermal nuclear physics than I did about publishing”, but he did have experience in the industry and could remanufacture the CX, SX, 4019 and 4029 cartridges, along with Kyocera drum units. His engineering background also proved useful, as he could understand how laser printers worked.

Magazine production was a very different process when he became Editor, requiring early visits to the printers to look over and sign off wet proofs, while the mailing was done by connecting a floppy disk containing the list to a dot-matrix label printer. Magazines had to be placed into the envelopes manually, franking the labels at the post office and then taking the packages to the sorting office.

Connett would like to see the aftermarket grow four percent year on year, moving to a 40 percent market share: “If the industry could grow that market share, you will see the OEMs buying up remanufacturers and the office products channels in just the same way the copier OEMs did with the independent copier channel. As a business, the challenge is to keep pace with the change and find your niche. It’s not easy, but then it would be boring if it was!”

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  1. enrique says:

    Congratulations Don David.Keep it up.
    Enrique Stura

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