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Critical trade show mistakes to avoid

January 8, 2018 highlights six common errors to avoid in order to achieve a successful trade show.

Charles Dugan, writing for, has listed his six tips to get the most out of a trade show, and to ensure your money and time is not wasted. The primary error that Dugan pinpoints is a poor display in your booth, citing a lack of vibrancy which will disengage potential visitors and clients. Dugan advocates utilising your budget to create a fun display which instantly tells people what your business is about.

The second key error highlighted is lack of social media; not just citing a lack of social media altogether, but furthermore, failing to integrate your social media accounts with those of the trade show itself. To use social media to integrate, interact, and promote, according to Dugan, is to define your company as industry experts. Having a defined goal is another key requirement, knowing what it is you wish to accomplish and how you’re going to make that happen.

Throughout the show itself, there are further commonplace errors that can be so easily avoided. One such error is the wrong choice of person in your booth – Dugan argues that if your clients are speaking to temps with no intimate knowledge of your business, the whole show becomes a wasted opportunity. Another in-show error is to ‘ambush’ attendees, forcing them into conversation against their will. However, it is also a mistake to remain too passive and hope people will make their way to you – you must create a reason for potential clients to come forward.

The final main mistake listed is the failure to follow up on the leads generated from the show. A Salesforce survey showed that 80 percent of exhibitors at major trade shows fail to follow up on the leads gathered throughout the show. Dugan asserts that the trick is to reconnect and turn leads into customers as soon as possible after the show’s conclusion, whilst your conversation is still fresh in their memory.

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One response to “Critical trade show mistakes to avoid”

  1. enrique says:

    With regards to your particular point of failure to follow up leads gathered during the show the problem starts sometimes at the method used to collect the basic information.
    Possessing barcoding readers at the booth is capable of gathering 100% of initial data but you need to enhance the electronic readout with connecting info resulting from the chats such as products or services of interes,names, direct eMails addresses or phone numbers,etc. All these hand written while in the presence of the would be customer, during ongoing chat or inmediately thereafter.
    The are visitors that hides the ID card complicating the work of the salesperson attending the booth. These people are more spies than customers, probably competitors requiring particular attention on any sensitive data voiced before knowing who is who.
    The time tried method of preprinted card where to complete data as you talk is still good to use but not to leave at the booth to mix with other cards. Your collected data is your treasure to convert into solid sales as soon as the exhibit ends

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