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Couple thieve ink cartridges from Walmart

January 28, 2019

A man and a woman have nabbed $11,000 (€9,638) worth of ink cartridges from a Walmart in Tennessee.

As BOSTON 25 NEWS reports, police in Shelbyville are currently seeking a couple who have stolen over $11,000 (€9,638) worth of ink cartridges from the local Walmart.

Shelbyville Police Sergeant Sam Jacobs described the incident as “bizarre”.

The couple walked into the store at 3am on the 27th of January “and spent an hour in the electronics department, filling a bag with 332 ink cartridges worth an estimated $11,427 (€10,012)” before then departing through the Walmart garden centre.

According to the police, one suspect acted as a lookout while the other filled the bag with the stolen cartridges. As they left the store to get into a getaway car driven by another person, the store alarm failed to sound, allowing them to leave undetected.

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