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Counterfeit supplies and patent infringement intersect

September 26, 2012

Channel Info reports on the collide between counterfeit products and patent infringement, as measures to prevent both conjoin.

Channel Info has reported on the findings of analyst firm InfoTrends as they conclude that the efforts to fight both counterfeit supplies and patent infringement are beginning to combine.

Although the two matters remain a separate issue, Channel Info states that “the lines between counterfeit products and patent infringing products are blurring so much that the efforts to thwart both are starting to intersect”.

The publication notes that counterfeit and IP infringing electronic office supplies (EOS) are directly impacting on both major print vendors, “many of whom deliberately sell printers at a low margin and try to regain their profits from sales of toners, ink cartridges”, and on non-infringing aftermarket products.

InfoTrends states that on both matters, education remains paramount, reiterating on how the consumer is also often the victim, and recommends making the channel aware of the risks of trading in counterfeit products as well as remaining committed to “enforcement activities”.

Channel Info concludes that while neither counterfeit products nor patent infringement are new problems, both are growing issues for OEMs.

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