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Cora expands RIS cartridge refill service

November 21, 2017

Retail Inkjet Solutions (RIS) has revealed this week that French hypermarket, Cora, has opted to offer its inkjet cartridge refill service at several store locations.

At the beginning of this month, RIS broke the news that Intermarché was placing its InkCentre inkjet cartridge refill equipment in select locations throughout France. Now, as MarketsInsider reveals, the company is enjoying similar success with Cora, another French hypermarket, which “has recently begun to offer the RIS InkCentre inkjet cartridge refill service at several of its locations”.

Just as with Intermarché, the chain made the decision to provide this service after a “successful trial program” which led to “strong sales from its first round of successful installations.”

RIS’s refilling service helps customers achieve savings of up to 70 percent, compared to the cost of buying a new inkjet cartridge.

After meeting the CORA Blois team and witnessing first hand their dedication to company growth and their enthusiasm to bring a better value to their customers, I knew we would have a successful partnership.  They understand the importance of making a difference in their customer’s lives from cost savings to protecting the environment.  I am very pleased with the expansion of the Refilling Service to Wattignies and on to many more locations,” said Vince Hormovitis, Vice President Sales & Business Development at RIS.

Cora’s Olivier Martin and Tarik Allouche, from the hypermarket’s Marketing Department, first began looking into the RIS refilling service earlier this year, in order to “offer Cora Blois customers ink filling service while they shopped.” Working together with RIS they instituted a trial at both the store’s Blois and Wattignies sites, and now it has been revealed that additional locations “will be joining them in the coming weeks”.

Olivier and Tarik said, “This concept represents a new activity for our multimedia department, offering a quality solution that is more economical for our customers.  The inkjet cartridge is refilled using the RIS InkCenter, also known as the ‘Ink Bar’.  The machine is compact, easy to use, and provides excellent savings for our customers while they shop in the store.  With the Ink Bar, a cartridge can be recycled many times, which helps the environment and future generations!”

RIS Chief Executive Officer, David Lenny added: Our new trial program at several Cora hypermarket stores in France represents an exciting opportunity for RIS to again demonstrate our core value proposition of delivering a high quality ink cartridge refill solution at the lower price point that today’s consumers want and deserve.  We look forward to working with Cora in the years ahead, and are confident that augmenting Cora’s wide array of products and services with the RIS-powered ink refill service will be very popular with customers who can get their own cartridges refilled in real-time while they shop.”

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