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Coping with year-end stress

December 1, 2017

A new blog from Print Audit gives reasons to be cheerful in December, with a musical treat thrown in.

Print Audit’s West McDonald has published a new blog on what it terms “the stressiest time of the year”, which offers several pointers to help those in sales or business development get through the festive season; McDonald also includes a range of reasons to love year-end, and all it brings.

The writer’s primary advice is to “remember that you’ve been here before […] you’ve had plenty of years of the year-end panic attacks to realise that you’ve continued to get through it”, although he acknowledges that for those in their first year in sales, it will be “one heck of a ride.”

Amongst the given reasons for year-end positivity is the chance to take stock of the achievements of the twelve months just gone, with McDonald saying that “you deserve to take pride in the good things you’ve done all year.” Other benefits include being able to work with colleagues “to start planning and looking forward to the year ahead”, and the opportunity to “put the pedal to the metal”, and thus make the most of the year-end stress to drive your own productivity.

In classic festive tradition, McDonald ends with a tune, reworking Andy Williams’ seminal Christmas classic and heralding, in song, “the most stressiest time of the year.”


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