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Continuum welcomes new VP Schweizer

March 14, 2019

Continuum’s John Schweizer.

The intelligent software and Managed Service Provider has announced the appointment of John Schweizer as its first Vice President of Office Technology.

The appointment, and the creation of the dedicated position, comes as part of Continuum’s strategy to support the growing IT services market in the office equipment (OE) industry.

Schweizer joins Continuum to lead the company’s efforts in supporting and enabling its partners to ensure success. His team will support new and existing partners in their efforts to grow their managed services practices. Schweizer brings with him experience and knowledge earned from over three decades working with some of the industry’s “most recognisable and successful” brands.

The new Vice President has previously held senior leadership positions at office equipment giants such as Global Imaging (a division of Xerox), and Ricoh. During his time at these companies, he oversaw the transition of office equipment businesses from an equipment-dominated model to a more holistic approach to business technology with managed IT services or MNS. He brings experience from all facets of the office equipment business to Continuum as the company continues to invest in this growing market.

“Office equipment dealers are recognising that the next phase of growth is in IT managed services,” said Dan Cooper, Board of Advisors, Continuum. “They need a technology partner that has an intrinsic understanding of the specifics of their market. John strengthens our market insight to support this new market of partners and we’re excited to continue our growth in the office equipment industry under his leadership.”

The office equipment industry is currently investing heavily in expanding its managed IT services offering, with 93 percent of dealers that provide managed IT services forecasting business growth in the next five years. Some of the industry’s biggest names have already built significant Managed Network Services (MNS) divisions to serve thousands of existing and new customers.

“The IT managed services needs of office equipment dealers are very specific, driven by the industry’s unique characteristics,” explained Schweizer. “Continuum’s model, as well as its portfolio of services and solutions, is well built to support those needs both in the form of technician resources, building a managed services business, and taking advantage of changing IT needs for small businesses.”

He added: “I’m looking forward to supporting the office equipment market’s phase change into managed services with Continuum.”


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