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Compatible black toner cartridges remain key in China

March 14, 2012

Global Sources discusses printer cartridges trends in China, with compatible units expected to remain more popular than remanufactured.

Online sourcing website Global Sources has detailed a number of trends in the Chinese aftermarket, detailing areas including the prevalence of compatible cartridge models, the most popular brands to produce and an output projection.

Global Sources denotes that “remanufactured and compatible units constitute the selection in China” although remark on the proliferation of compatible units from suppliers “due to the limited supply of empty cartridges”. The compatible category is stated to possess 70 percent share of yield, with “this trends expected to persist throughout 2012”.

HP, Canon and Samsung cartridges “dominate” output as makers focus “R&D and production efforts on meeting the requirements of major laser printer brands” and the prices of such as expected to decrease “as suppliers cope with intense competition”. The price reduction is only expected to stay within five percent.

Despite this, “companies forecast yield will jump by 20 to 50 percent or even higher as orders rise on the back of the product’s price advantage. Compatible black toner cartridges are 50 to 60 percent less expensive than their branded counterparts”. Other predictions for expansion include “[increased] demand from emerging markets”.

A number of factories servicing the Chinese aftermarket has recently met with the Guangdong Quality Inspection Bureau, and discussed product quality in the imaging consumables market. 195 factories were checked, and of the 363 batches of inspected products, the bureau found most “were up to the grade”.

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One response to “Compatible black toner cartridges remain key in China”

  1. P.Krasnov says:

    And all these clones at ridiculously low prices under any reasonable production cost – clones that infringe numbers of OEM patents – are supported by officials to dump prices and attack worldwide markets! Only USA market can now stay against this plague.. Many local remanufacturing industries in hundreds of countries will die.. We soon will hear about $1 clone cartridge Q2612A..

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