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CompaTech to enter toner remanufacturing

November 17, 2016

The German company will begin selling remanufactured toner cartridges from January next year.

An exterior image of the new CompaTech warehouse

An exterior image of the new CompaTech warehouse

Digital Imaging (German) spoke to CompaTech’s Managing Director Klaus Baumann, who told the site that the company will “also be able to offer remanufactured toners” to its customers from January 2017. The Wuppertal-based company, Digital Imaging notes, is moving “from the refill expert to the hardcopy full-range centre”, having only launched a remanufactured inkjet cartridge range two years ago.

The site added Baumann noted “as with the inkjet cartridges, 100 percent of the toner cartridges” will be marketed in Europe and “in three formats – under the CompaTech brand, as a private label, and white goods”. Baumann added that “many of our customers want to purchase their inks and toners from a single source, without sacrificing quality and support. We have neglected the toner business in recent years. That will change now”.

Of the company, he added “we are progressing step-by-step, and we are continuing to drive healthy growth”, with the article referring back to the “renewed expansion of the portfolio” being down to the “acquisition of a new warehouse and office building in Wuppertal” earlier this year. The new company headquarters features a storage area of 650sqm as well as office space of around 150sqm, with “enough space for the planned further growth”.

Baumann told The Recycler earlier this year that “we took over the stock and the sales from Sensient for the desktop inks for the whole of Europe”, and “we stored round about 30 tonnes of ink. Now we are the exclusive European distributor for Sensient desktop inks. Our old warehouse was too small and not on the current state of technology.

“At the beginning of 2016 we agreed with Embatex AG the distribution of the brand “Emstar” for Germany. For these reasons I decided to move to a new location”. The new site is still in Wuppertal, where Compatech was previously based, and is “only three kilometres from our old site”, according to Baumann, who added that the three-year-old building’s warehouse “has 650 square metres and a height of eight metres”, while the offices have 150 square metres”.

The new location also means Compatech has “space for minimum 650 pallets”, Baumann adding that “now we have plenty of room for further growth in the coming years and the working conditions are very good”. On future plans for expansion, Baumann stated that “now we have to stabilise the new business areas, and then we have to expand them.

“Our product range now consists of: Sensient desktop inks, ink refill supplies, Compatech remanufactured ink cartridges, Compatech rebuilt toner cartridges, Emstar ink cartridges, Emstar rebuilt toner cartridges, OEM inks and toner cartridges, and hardware from Epson, Ricoh and Memjet. Another important point of our business is the implementation of customer brands for remanufactured ink cartridges and the rebuilt toner cartridges from Compatech. Three years ago I decided that our main focus will be the inkjet technology. This will also be in the future”.

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