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Compatech signs remanufacturing partnership

February 17, 2017

Compatech signs remanufacturing partnershipThe German company has signed an agreement with Output Consulting, a “newly-founded” toner remanufacturer, and both partners will “contribute their expertise” towards the arrangement.

Digital Imaging (German) reported on the “cooperation agreement” between CompaTech and Output Consulting, which it states is a “newly-founded” toner remanufacturer “founded just over a year ago in Bochum”. Klaus Baumann, Founder and Managing Director of CompaTech, told the site that “both partners [would] contribute their expertise in the cooperation: CompaTech its inkjet and logistics competence, Output Consulting its inkjet and logistics competence”.

Customers are expected to “benefit from the cooperation in that they will have access to a broad product portfolio as well as professional sales support from a single source”, with CompaTech’s remanufactured toner cartridge range currently including 650 cartridges, while Output Consulting offers CompaTech a “partner” for remanufactured Kyocera, UTAX, Brother and OKI cartridges.

Baumann also told Digital Imaging that he has known Torsten Schwenske, Output Consulting’s founder, “for many years”, and appreciates him as “reliable and straightforward”, while the businesses are “very similar”. Schwenske also commented that “we attach great importance to quality and long-term, viable business relationships. In this respect, we are working well together”.

The news site added that Output Consulting “recently concluded “ a contract agreement with Soennecken to “offer its customers an additional service”, while noting that CompaTech “over the last few years [….] has made a clear shift away” from the “shrinking” refill business to finished cartridges, with its “own” remanufactured inkjet range launched in 2015, and its own toner cartridge range launched “in recent months”.

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