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Compatech hosts launch of EvoJet printer

October 11, 2011

The EvoJet

Compatech’s partnership with the OEM marks the first aftermarket involvement with the Memjet technology.

The event took place at the Trendhaus in Remscheild, Germany this weekend, with around 200 hundred ink cartridge refilling companies present.

The Recycler’s Publisher David Connett was there to view the launch, commenting that: “Lomond is the first OEM to bring a new printer to market with a dedicated OEM refill strategy. The refill strategy is very simple; the refill partner will buy OEM ink and components from Lomond and distribute them to the refill shop community, providing genuine OEM parts for the refill market.”

Refillers present told Connett that the technology “was impressive”, and that opportunities “look very strong” for the EvoJet in Europe. An open marketplace was also set up for refillers to market their own products to those visiting the launch, with aftermarket companies including Bowajet and CBR Engineering present.

Compatech’s refill contract covers German speaking countries, and the printer at this point will only be available in these countries, though there will shortly be announcements of launches in Scandinavia, the UK and Italy, as well as rumours of an EvoJet 2 containing more features.

Connett added: “The wait is over for the technology, but with the European and North American markets saturated with inkjet printers this printer will need to find its niche very quickly to attract the price point.

“Will the technology work? It looks as though it will, but the key is the print speed and how well the print heads and the high pressure ink delivery system holds up. If the technology delivers as

Memjet’s Elliot Williams and Lomond’s Peter Ageyev and Ivan Bulaev

predicted then EvoJet could make a good, low cost platform for variable data applications which is a potentially huge market.”

Read more about the Compatech launch party for the EvoJet in the November issue of The Recycler
next month.

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