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Commercial Copy Innovations (CCI) files lawsuits against Xerox, Lexmark and Brother

July 10, 2017

CCI is suing the OEMs for patent infringements and has determined that it wants a trial by jury and reserves the right to assert additional claims.

In April this year The Recycle reported that CCI filed a lawsuit against Ricoh Electronics, Inc., Ricoh USA, Inc., Mimaki USA, Inc. and Lanier Worldwide, Inc. on 13th March 2017 in the United States District Court, Central District of California, Southern Division claiming that the OEMs had infringed its patents which it had bought from Kodak.

“Commercial Copy Innovations Inc (CCI) acquired all rights and titles to the U.S. Patents Nos. 6,848,777 (“the‘777 Patent”), 6,773,102 (“the ‘102 Patent”), 6,197,466 (“the ‘466 Patent”), and 6,453,127 (“the‘127 Patent”) from the Eastman Kodak Company (“Kodak”) and is looking to defend its rights to the intellectual property of said patents against the defendants”.

One of the latest lawsuits was filed 5 July 2017 and CCI claims that Xerox has infringed US Patent No. 6,197,466 B1 and US Patent No. 6,453,127 B2 of which both are owned by CCI and it also reserves the right to assert additional claims of the 466Patent against Xerox. The OEM sells and offers these products for sale as part of its printer sales in the Central District of California, Southern Division.

Lexmark have also been called to court for the infringement of Patent 127 and CCI claimed that the OEM had “without authority, consent, right, or license, and in direct infringement of the ‘127 Patent, Lexmark markets, uses, sells, offers for sale, manufactures, has manufactured, makes, has made, imports, and/or has imported Lexmark Printers that directly infringe at least claim 1 of the ‘127 Patent.” The infringement complaint was filed 6 July 2017.

CCI has also brought a case for infringement against Brother International and Brother USA who are engaged in the “making and selling, respectively, of the Accused Products within and throughout the United States. These activities form the basis of each entities infringing actions.” Brother is accused of infringing patents 466 and 127.

CCI has requested that all three cases are judged by a jury.

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