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Colour success through Replacement Imaging Systems

September 30, 2013

It is no secret that success in this industry relies heavily on the ability to consistently offer high quality remanufactured colour cartridges. 

Colour is predicted to be the driving growth in this $26 billion (€16.1 billion) industry through 2015 and beyond, according to Photizo/Lyra. Yet, the aftermarket only has approximately seven percent of the colour market. Many have speculated on the reasons for such a low market share, but most agree past inconsistency of aftermarket cartridges has played the major role.

Colour cartridges introduced new chemical toner and high-tech components in a complex system. The toner and components have to be system-matched to perform at the highest level, no easy feat for most manufacturers in the aftermarket industry. Very tight tolerances are involved with each component, such as the size and shape of the pores in the toner adder roller foam and the specific texture, size and surface of a developer roller, making manufacturing at a consistent level even more difficult.

The initial struggles of remanufacturing colour cartridges discouraged many. Cleaning and reusing used parts or using components purchased from different sources and manufacturers guaranteed failure of key charging properties during the cartridge life cycle. System-engineered developer rollers and doctor blades were not available for purchase, forcing remanufacturers to attempt cleaning and reusing these delicate components. Discouraged remanufacturers began to only offer OEM as their colour option.

We recognized the problems associated with remanufacturing colour cartridges years ago and invested heavily to develop solutions. Our team engineered new equipment, manufacturing techniques and refined the development process for years to be able to deliver the first truly system-matched colour imaging solution to the aftermarket.

Our extensive research has allowed us to fully understand the inner workings and electrophotographic properties of colour toner cartridges. Our full line of replacement colour imaging systems are designed, engineered and manufactured to provide premium, high quality colour prints consistently. These systems allow genuine remanufacturers to reuse cartridge empties numerous times, reducing core costs.

Our products provide the most consistent, high quality colour prints, and we want to help our customers grow their colour business. We don’t stop at the products; we help you sell them. Marketing assistance, such as complete full-colour packaging options, video site sellers and end user materials, are available to help you sell the message of premium colour remanufactured cartridges.

This industry has already grabbed 35 percent of the monochrome market; the same success can be achieved with colour. We want our customers to thrive in the colour aftermarket, and this can be done with our colour replacement imaging systems.

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