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Colombian HP Inc partner profiled

February 27, 2017

Colombian HP Inc partner profiledUniples offers MPS and cartridges on behalf of the OEM.

Entorno Inteligente (Spanish) profiled Uniples, noting that the company’s name “is a single word that brings together hardware, software and office supplies”, with the business having “17 years of experience” in the IT sector and “based on three business pillars: solutions, supplies and printing”. The first pillar, according to Commercial Sales Director Ariel Ayazo Ramos, “has to do with all the technological infrastructure for companies”.

This includes “laptops and desktops” as well as “the servers that support the organisation”, including “storage, back-up systems, virtualisation and networks, whether WAN or wireless LAN”, while Uniples also offers a “basic engineering service, which accompanies customers in the process of installing the equipment they buy”.

The company is an HP Inc service centre and Platinum Partner, with Ramos adding that this “means that we are [a] partner of this firm to meet the requirements of HP customers in Colombia” and “respect the guarantees” of their products. The second pillar of supplies “has a great focus towards” printing, in terms of cartridges, but also stationery, and Uniples offers “outsourcing services for printing and document management” as its third pillar.

This includes “total management of the printed document chain”, allowing customers to “optimise and have greater control over their resources”, while another advantage the company claims is that it is a “permanent customs users”, or (UAP), and has a “private customs warehouse, which means that it is authorised to import directly” and “does not use a customs brokerage company” or (SIA).

Director of Marketing Catalina Aramburo noted that “at this moment we focus on a new business model that is to offer an even more complete service”, specifically that Uniples “seeks to gather, in an integral way, all the attention that the clients need, from the supplies to the table of help, for example”, and “give more value to the customer, more personalised according to the needs of each one”.

She added that this would mean “that all the IT services that the client needs are solved by Uniples”, and to achieve that the company “has strategic allies that enable it to deliver on that promise”, with “strategic alliances with other firms to provide the highest quality care” and help Uniples “continue its commitment and maintain customer satisfaction”.

In terms of quality, Aramburo added that “our certifications indicate that we have the best practices in the market”, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO/IEC 27001. Ramos noted that “in addition, working to maintain high quality standards and achieve new certifications is also part of its mission”, stating that “we are a transactional company and being certified gives us a different positioning, because we have order in our processes, methodology to serve customers”.

Finally, the profile noted that the company has headquarters in Medellín, Bogotá and Barranquilla, and that it “has the experience and experience to offer the best products, with high standards of quality and safety, giving its customers the best of services”.

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