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CoLiDo 3D printers now available in Taiwan

July 8, 2015

Print-Rite has reported that its printers are now listed on online shop UDN’s website.Colido taiwan

The remanufacturer first announced its 3D printers in April 2014, with the first CoLiDo printer officially launched in June 2014. The company’s range expanded to three more models in October 2014, and it presented a seminar about 3D printing at Remanexpo@Paperworld 2015. The new deal in Taiwan saw the company’s local partner, United Technology (IUT), work with “one of Taiwan’s biggest online stores” – UDN – to list the CoLiDo machine “and full range […] of filaments”.

Taiwan is said by Print-Rite to have “a reputation in its shorter technological adoption process in which people are very fond of trying something new”, with this being “a huge boost for CoLiDo”. At the Computex event in the country earlier this month, visitors were said to have been “amazed by the precision” of the machines, with one stating that “the surface is so smooth that [it] is good [enough] to use to print [a] mock-up sample in 3D and present it in a business pitch”.

Print-Rite subsidiary UTec is also working to list the printer in “another tech-geek market in Asia” – Japan – and is planning to set up an online shop there. Kieran Ho, UTec’s Deputy General Manager, stated that with CoLiDo a “new arena for us”, the company has “to consider having online shops as a new way of reaching markets. We are all prepared for the challenges and opportunities from online business development[s]”.

Dr. Lan, General Manager of IUT, added of the Taiwan deal: “Given the readiness for desktop 3D printing in Taiwan, we are delighted with our partnership with Union Technology International Co Ltd. (Utec), and look forward to presenting [the] CoLiDo range to Taiwan.”

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