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Coates Toners partners with NAND ipl on toner

August 22, 2014

coatestonerslogoThe two toner manufacturers have worked together to produce an HP toner, and John Marshall has led research and development for both companies.

Coates Toners announced that a new “high performance” line of chemically-produced colour HP toners has been made available, with the toner developed between Coates Toners and NAND ipl and combining Coates’ “unique blending knowledge [and] technical expertise” with NAND’s nanoparticle technology.

Coates added that the partnership has “allowed both companies to optimize their strengths to produce one of the highest quality, consistent chemically-produced toner products available to the aftermarket industry”. The partnership utilised NAND ipl’s John Marshall, who led the “extensive product development and research effort” focusing on the “reformulation” of NAND’s original toner.

Coates will be responsible for global distribution of the toners, and has also announced Biuromax will be its “primary distribution partner” for Europe, with Coates distributing NAND’s Bestone toner in North and South America. The toner will be available in 10 kilogram bags.

Larry Berti, CMO of Coates Toners, stated: “John Marshall, former Senior R&D Toner Manager for Coates, has the perfect knowledge base to merge the technologies from COATES TONERS and NAND ipl.”nandlogo

In turn, John Myers, Vice President of Sales for Coates Toners, added: “We are extremely excited about these new products that meet all of our quality needs while also achieving Nordic White Swan certification.”

Finally, Dr. A. Kumar Srivastava, CEO of NAND ipl, commented: “We are ecstatic with the outcome of the reformulation. NAND’s cutting edge nanotechnology is among the most sophisticated in the industry: when combined with Coates Toners’ blend formulas and process control, superior product performance is achieved.”

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