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CNET celebrates decline of printer industry

August 7, 2012

Technology news site claims the decline of the printer industry is good for the environment and our mental health.

Noting that “printers are pretty much universally despised,” CNET writer Brooke Crothers has celebrated the purported demise of the printer industry, which is stated as having the same fate as hardcover books, following the release of the research note Dead-three format is dying.

The research note was written by Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, who commented on the June quarter results, noting that they were “particularly weak as Canon, Epson, Lexmark and Xerox all missed expectations”.

The results from Canon, Epson, HP and Lexmark are also said to show a six percent year-on-year declination of supplier and hardware revenues.

However, it is not solely the performance of the OEMs that lead Whitmore to this conclusion, who wrote on the declines of paper shipments in North America: “Paper demand peaked in 2006 and has declined every year subsequently between three to 10 percent year over year and is now tracking 20 percent below the 2006 peak.”

It has long been speculated that the proliferation of smart devices is resulting in lower demand of print and Whitmore argues in favour of this: “Simply put, the content that was once printed for distribution or portability is now simply being distributed or shared electronically.”

Crothers is unabashed with his elation regarding the status of print devices to the average user, and goes so far as to claim that the demise of the print industry would be beneficial to our mental health, citing a web comic.

“Comic strips, movies, and countless tech support forum thread have been devoted to the perils of printing. So the more alternatives to printer frustration, perhaps the better.”

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