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Clover’s Cartridges Are Us lays off 15 percent of its workforce

June 9, 2012

The Morning Sun reports that Clover’s “Cartridges Are Us” ink jet business based in Ithaca has announced a lay off of 64 (15 percent) of its 430 employees, effective 7th June, due to a lack of a sufficient number of empty cartridges.

CEO Steve Iocco said that a supplier of empties is now returning them to the original manufacturer. That company is destroying them.

“(Clover Technologies) is disappointed that the decisions of other entities in the industry not to provide empty inkjet printer cartridges to the aftermarket have led not only to the need for (Thursday’s) reductions but also to a decrease in the availability to consumers of environmentally superior and more affordable printing supplies, and hopes that our industry soon returns to business practices that support both these values,” a Clover Technologies press release stated.

The Recycler’s editor David Connett said “this will be a blow for the staff involved coming a little under four years after the plant was opened. But what is really odd about the news is that they are citing a shortage of empty cartridges as the principle reason for the layoffs and that their supplier is returning them to the OEM for destruction. Clover Technologies is the largest collector of empties worldwide having bought into the collection business over the last few years in a big way and are reportedly sat on a huge stockpile of empties in Mexico, Europe and Asia.

If the shortage is genuine then it is a reflection of the difficulties and high costs of collecting enough empties in the US market to meet US demand for remanufactured products following the legal actions in the US courts last year that effectively locked out empties that were not first sourced in the US market.”

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2 responses to “Clover’s Cartridges Are Us lays off 15 percent of its workforce”

  1. yellowjacket12 says:

    There are plenty of cartridges in Clover’s warehouses, what they are lacking is orders…. At least that’s what employees that didn’t get let go were told.

  2. aleon says:

    It isn’t just having “empties,” you have to have the right empties. I’m sure they have huge stockpiles of cartridges no one wants to purchase, but having empties of popular cartridges is the hard part. You also need US empties for their US customers. All those empties in other countries don’t help.

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