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Clover takes on LMI customers

October 2, 2019

Customers of the remanufacturer LMI, which entered receivership in August, are being transferred to Clover following their recent acquisition of the LMI assets.

On 20 September, Clover Imaging Group confirmed that it had finalised the acquisition of the business assets of LMI Solutions and the LMI website now redirects to a dedicated LMI customer page on the Clover website.

Clover has been reaching out to LMI customers to confirm account details and how to move forward doing business with Clover. LMI customers will have to complete a new Clover credit application, but credit terms and conditions will remain the same.

If you settled your LMI account by credit card, Clover confirms that your card details were NOT transferred to Clover and customers paying via credit card will need to provide clover with their credit card information at the time of their first order.

Returns for LMI product purchased prior to the Clover asset purchase agreement are outside the scope of the deal., but LMI products purchased from Clover after 30 September 2019 will carry a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

As of 27 September 2019, all LMI distribution centres are closed and Clover products will be shipped from one of their ten US distribution centres.

Further help and support is available from the Clover website where they have published a comprehensive set of FAQs.

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