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Clover Imaging appoints new CEO

November 1, 2017

Clover Technologies announcea Senior Leadership changes, Jim Cerkleski was named Chairman of the Board of Directors and George Milton was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Clover Imaging.

Clover Technologies Group, the parent company of Clover Imaging, Clover Wireless, and Clover Telecom, announced that George Milton has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Clover Imaging, effective 1 November 2017. Jim Cerkleski, who has served as Chief Executive Officer of Clover for the last 17 years, will become Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“After nearly two decades overseeing all aspects of Clover’s global operations, now is the right time for me to transition the leadership of our imaging business to George, who has been a tremendous COO and colleague over the past 13 years,” said Mr. Cerkleski. “I am looking forward to my continued partnership with George in my new role as Chairman, where I will be focused on growing customer relationships across our organisation and identifying new market opportunities.”

“I am honoured to take the helm at Clover Imaging from such an accomplished leader at this important time in our corporate history,” said Mr. Milton. “We have a tremendous platform which has been established by our dedicated employees. I am excited to continue building on our strong market position and global manufacturing and distribution footprint, and look forward to the opportunities ahead. As a priority, I will ensure that we continue our focus on providing quality and value, as well as supporting the new business strategies of our customers.”

As the CEO of Clover since 2000, Mr. Cerkleski led the transformation of the company from “a local printer cartridge repair company to the world’s leading remanufacturer” of imaging supplies, with manufacturing facilities in four continents.

Mr. Milton joined Clover in 2004, and has served as Chief Operating Officer of the company for the past 11 years. As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Milton was responsible for overseeing product research and development, engineering and robotic automation, worldwide manufacturing, global distribution, quality assurance, global procurement, packaging engineering, and information technology and systems.

During his tenure, Mr. Milton helped the company diversify into the Wireless and Telecom businesses, scale global manufacturing and distribution, complete and integrate 27 acquisitions, and support the growth and development of the next generation of leadership. Mr. Milton has over 25 years of experience in the office products industry and has held senior management operations positions with some of the industry’s largest distributors of office products.
Mr. Milton, as well as Dan Perez, CEO of Clover Wireless, will report to the Board of Directors of Clover.

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