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Clover creates Clover Imaging Group

March 10, 2015

cloverlogoThe remanufacturer has created the marketing group as a rebrand, with MSE, West Point Products, OPRA and other brands now all coming under “one marketing umbrella”.

Clover Imaging Group, the company stated, is “one portfolio for all [its] imaging solutions”, with the “most powerful brands in the industry now under one marketing umbrella”. The “singular marketing group […] encompasses the most comprehensive suite of products, services and solutions in the marketplace today”, and includes a wide range of “the most respected and well-known brands”.

These include MSE; West Point Products; Dataproducts; Clover Environmental Solutions; OPRA; Axess Managed Print Services; MPS Engineered Solutions; Depot International and Latin Parts. Clover added that “over the last 10 years, via acquisition and organic growth”, it has “amassed the most formidable group of member companies representing all facets of the imaging industry”, including manufacturing, collection, solutions and parts.

It stated that “collectively, this group offers an unsurpassed value proposition for global dealers”, and that Clover Imaging Group has been created “to harness this power”. The remanufacturer also noted that the industry should “stay tuned for more details” on the Clover Imaging Group, as well as the “multitude of products and services in this robust portfolio”.

Luke Goldberg, Global Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Clover Imaging Group, commented: “The introduction of the Clover Imaging Group will enable us to deliver the customers of all our companies the products and solutions that best meet their needs and the needs of their customers under one umbrella.“

Eric Martin, President of North America Sales for Clover Technologies Group, added: “The Clover Imaging Group team is a highly tenured team of passionate and committed experts armed and backed by our global manufacturing infrastructure; heavy investment into engineering, automation, and robotics; a portfolio of patented technologies; a vast array of products, services and solutions; and world-leading core and e-waste asset collection and recycling programs.

“All of these resources are at the disposal of our partners and are designed to drive growth, innovation, and collective success. We are inaugurating this new group by introducing a suite of marketing solutions that will create a new benchmark for value-added programs. We will continue to add new tools to our arsenal to support our commitment to our market and to our customers’ continued success.”

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