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Clover companies launch live chat

October 6, 2015

cloverlogoWest Point Products’ and Depot International’s websites have debuted the new feature, which can be accessed without login and provides live customer service and web and technical support.

The service runs from 7am to 7pm CST (Central Standard Time), while after-hours messages can be left through the chat function after. Users can discuss the status of orders, account-related inquiries and technical questions, while the current email and phone number for customer help will remain the same.

Luke Goldberg, Global Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Clover, said the new chat function enables dealers to “ask an immediate question, whether it be about our product, website, or sales, and get a quick, easy answer”.

He continued: “When you combine this with our other value-added programs such as PrintReleaf or Marketing Platform 2.0, we’re truly offering our dealers an experience they can’t get anywhere else.”


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