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CiT promotes festive goodwill with cancer fund donation

December 21, 2018

The company has revealed that this year, instead of spending money on Christmas cards and gifts, CiT has opted to donate funds to a cancer charity.

CiT said, “You may have noticed this year we did not send X-mas cards or Dutch cheese.”

Instead, the company has donated €5,000 to KiKa, a cancer fund for children. In previous years, CiT employees have also organised running races as a means of procuring donations for KiKa.

KiKa is a Netherlands-based organisation dedicated to raising funds for innovative research in the field of childhood cancer, “aimed at less pain during treatments, more healing and a higher quality of life in later life.” The cancer fund also “focuses on providing information about childhood cancer.”

With this philanthropic gesture, CiT follows in the footsteps of companies such as Konica Minolta, which earlier this year partnered with THE NORTHERN TRUST tournament to support Tackle Kids Cancer, and wta, which continued its support for children’s hospice Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V. with a donation of €6,000 in February.

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