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Circular economy and manufacturing discussed

January 11, 2017

An article asks if manufacturers are prepared for the circular economy.


The Manufacturer reported that EU Automation, an obsolete industrial parts supplier, has published an “industry guide for manufacturers” for those who are looking to make their production methods more sustainable by “contributing to the circular economy”. A recent report by ABN AMRO and Circular Economy noted that the car industry is in an exceptional position to implement the principles of the circular economy, and begin plans and teamwork now across the whole industry.

EU Automation believes that this could be carried out in other industries, and have set out a one page guide with relevant resources for companies who are taking steps to embrace the circular economy model. David Pearce and Kerry Turner, two British environmental economists, were the first to raise the concept of a circular economy, suggesting that “a traditional open-ended economy had no built-in tendency to recycle and that, if the economy was to continue as it was, the environment would become a waste reservoir”.

To this end they formulated the circular economy as opposed to the traditional make-use-dispose. The industry guide from EU Automation offers businesses advice on where to go for support and directives.

Jonathan Wilkins of EU Automation, said: “There is a lot of support for businesses wanting to follow a circular economy business model, if they know where to look. The UK trade body for automation, control, instrumentation and laboratory technology, GAMBICA offers support for manufacturers who want to comply, for example.

“Furthermore, the European Commission recently established the Ecodesign Directive which ensures manufacturers of energy-using products reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of products at the design stage.”


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