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CIG opens new Mexican facility

August 31, 2016

The outside of the new plant in Mexicali, Mexico

The outside of the new plant in Mexicali, Mexico

Clover Imaging Group (CIG) has moved into a new “high-capacity state-of-the-art” facility in Mexicali, Mexico.

The remanufacturing group announced in a press release that the new facility “boasts CIG’s signature robotics and automation to ensure consistent cartridge quality”, and that the “recently combined and optimised” site was revised to “stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly competitive global marketplace”. The facility was recently given the R2:2013 standard, and is “at the heart of Clover’s cartridge collection operation”, processing “nearly three million cartridges a month”.

The campus in Mexicali includes “colour and mono toner manufacturing, empties processing, parts reclamation, fuser manufacturing, recycling and packaging”, and has over 560,000 square feet of space, with over 3,500 staff. In turn, it is said by CIG to have increased Clover Mexico’s production capacity “to more than one million laser cartridges per month”.

Other aspects of the facility are that it “features some of CIG’s most technologically advanced process-enhancing tools, machines, and robots to support its sophisticated global manufacturing environments”. CIG noted that this has helped increase “product consistency and quality”, and attributes this to “the highly automated production environment”, which enables it to “produce the highest-quality remanufactured products on the market with defect rates that rival the OEMs”.

Ino Landa, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Clover Mexico, commented: “Not only is Clover increasing our manufacturing capacity but we are also ensuring quality improvement thanks to our substantial investment into engineering innovations in the new space. This move is strategic in supporting our vertical integration strategy and controlling the entire process in one facility.”

You can view a video of the new facility below.

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