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CIG offers motorbike prize at ITEX

February 16, 2017

CIG offers motorbike prize at ITEXThe remanufacturing group will offer a GreenSweep dealer the option to own another Harley-Davidson motorbike.

The company stated in a press release that “one CIG GreenSweep dealer” will “ride away from ITEX 2017 on a custom Harley-Davidson motorbike”, with the event taking place from 18 to 20 April at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, with one dealer to “get the chance of a lifetime”. Visitors to the event will be able to “catch a glimpse” of the bike at the event, which is “branded” with GreenSweep regalia.

CIG added that the GreenSweep programme “encourages dealers to target the competition to win new business with OEM conversion”, and noted that “by positioning the switch as a premium value solution that positively impacts the performance of a client’s print programme, their company’s eco-footprint, and their overall office expenditures, CIG dealers can acquire new accounts from their competition and win the trust of new clients with GreenSweep”.

The remanufacturing group also highlighted the recent “third-party testing by Buyers Laboratory (BLI)” that “verified that print cartridges manufactured by CIG rival the performance of OEM cartridges”, adding that this testing “proves that dealers can convert customers who are currently purchasing OEM products to CIG’s remanufactured brands without sacrificing quality and at the same time improve margins and offer substantial cost savings to customers”.

CIG also pointed out that GreenSweep offers its dealers “up to a 10 percent rebate when they convert existing customers using only OEM cartridges to CIG’s remanufactured products — giving dealers the chance to take back control from stringent OEM processes and disruptive longstanding business practices”.

Luke Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing for CIG, stated: “GreenSweep is the ideal opportunity to call on the competitions’ OEM accounts and offer the perfect chance for conversion to a proven OEM alternative such as CIG — without sacrificing any quality. Plus, the possibility of riding away from ITEX on a custom bike is pretty cool and a bonus to the added value of providing CIG solutions to your clients.”

Recently, the company was revealed to have donated another Harley-Davidson to raise money for The Jillian Fund, after last year’s successful ride across the US, in which The Patriot’s Pack rode motorbikes across the country, and which culminated in the auction of a custom-made Harley-Davidson donated by CIG. The Jillian Fund is dedicated to uniting families in need during their most critical times and providing academic financial support to young women who demonstrate Jillian’s legacy of living by example, and conquering fear with faith. The programme is designed to create positive change in the community.

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