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CIG launches new remanufactured OKI drum

November 18, 2016

cloverdrumThe remanufacturer’s subsidiaries in Portugal and Serbia launched the replacement unit for the OKI B431 range.

The Portuguese and Serbian companies  reported that the monochrome drum unit can be used in toner cartridges for a wide range of the OEM’s machines, including: the B411D; 411DN; 412DN; 431D; 431DN; 432DN; 512DN; MB461; B471; B471W; B472DNW; B491; B492DN; and B562DNW. The series is said by the companies to be “fast, energy-efficient and affordable”, with the A4 monochrome devices “suitable for small business environments”.

They added that the printers “offer a combination of fast print speed, duplex print as well as a clear, crisp output”, and that “to compliment the remanufactured toner cartridges that Clover already has on its range for these OKI printers, the drum is now available”. The remanufactured drum unit “will not compromise on quality or performance”, they claim, as “replacing the drum units will help the printer deliver consistent high quality printing – but at a fraction of the original cost”.

The unit features a yield of 25,000 pages at five percent coverage, and both Clover subsidiaries added that “running costs will be reduced as will printer downtime”, concluding by asking that customers “always make sure to return your empty cartridges through our collection programmes to do your part in preserving our environment”.

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