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CIG discusses its eco processes

February 15, 2017

The remanufacturer has discussed its different “ecologically friendly technology processes”.

The company states that it is “environmentally conscious” throughout its business, and is committed to its programme for “clean, ecologically-friendly technology and processes”, while still manufacturing high quality products. Clover’s collection programmes enables the recycling of cartridges, and allows resellers to provide the service to customers, so that there is less waste going to landfills.

The programme also adds the benefit of remanufactured cartridges produced to a high standard, saving the customer money as well as earning revenue for resellers collecting the empty cartridges. The scheme is free to join, and the Responsible Recycling programme states that it “provides reseller’s customers a dedicated site to simply manage return shipping labels and pallet pickups on their own”.

Another CIG company is Office Products Recycling Associates (OPRA), which focuses on the “procurement of cores necessary for manufacturing”, and was designed for dealers “focused on large volume collections”. The company is also a partner with PrintReleaf, an innovative company that reduces “the environmental impact of printing”.

Dealers that take part help PrintReleaf to plant trees in reforestation projects, and CIG offers this service with its Marketing Platform 2.0. It added that PrintReleaf “easily integrates with [its] Axcess MPS programme”, helping dealers and customers to “quantify their forest products consumption” and to be able to talk about the effect their sustainable initiatives are making.



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