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CIG comments on charity motorcycle ride

April 21, 2016

The remanufacturing group previously donated a Harley Davidson motorcycle to the Rolling Thunder Ride.

A 2011 Harley Davidson 'Fat Bob', which CIG has donated

A 2011 Harley Davidson ‘Fat Bob’, which CIG has donated

The company donated a 2011 Harley Davidson motorbike to The Jillian Fund in February, with the ‘Fat Bob’ model going to MWA Intelligence (MWAi) in support of The Jillian Fund, which is named after Jillian Gorman, “the daughter of an imaging industry” who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of blood cancer at 16. MWAi was raising money for The Rolling Thunder Ride, which is a charity motorcycle ride from Scottsdale, Arizona to Washington D.C. honouring veterans.

The bike is set to be auctioned off on Memorial Day in the US, 23 May, at the Executive Connection Summit in Scottsdale, with both CIG and MWAi hoping to raise $150,000 (€134,807). All proceeds from the auction and sponsorships will go to The Jillian Fund, which “recognises the importance of parental support and believes that children facing life-threatening illnesses should never face them alone”, as “each day, thousands of critically ill children face long hospital stays without a parent by their side because the parent is financially unable to leave work.

“The Jillian Fund is dedicated to uniting families in need during their most critical times and providing academic financial support to young women who demonstrate Jillian’s legacy of living by example and conquering fear with faith”. MWAi’s President and CEO, Michael T. Stramaglio, along with “other participants from the imaging industry”, will be riding in support of The Jillian Fund, with the ride starting on 16 May and finishing on 29 May.

Stramaglio commented: “The Jillian Fund has touched my heart in ways I cannot even describe, and I believe that Jillian is looking down on us and smiling. The Jillian Fund has united an industry to support families when the unthinkable happens and provides financial funding during those incredibly dark times. It is my honour to ride for Jillian.”

Jim Cerkleski, CEO of Clover Holdings, added: “We are honoured to be able to partner with MWAi and help them honour our veterans and support such a great organisation like The Jillian Fund. At Clover, we are committed to giving back to the community. This donation will help to provide financial support to families of critically ill children during their most difficult times.”




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