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CIG celebrates “unprecedented” success rates

June 26, 2018

Clover Imaging Group (CIG) has revealed that its remanufactured toner cartridges have achieved “industry-leading success rates” of 99.6 percent for both colour and monochrome cartridges.

As the company explains, these success rates situate CIG’s remanufactured cartridges at the forefront of the remanufactured cartridge market, placing them “on the map for a broad variety of businesses and organisations.”

This achievement has been the result of steady improvement over the last few years. In 2014, before a merger between CIG and MSE, the company’s cartridge success rate was 99.2 percent; in 2016, the success rate reached 99.5 percent; then in 2017 CIG achieved the current rate of 99.6 percent.

The company describes its colour cartridge success rate as “particularly impressive”, due to the “inherent challenges” which remanufacturers face when it comes to reproducing colour. In fact, this issue has been “the only thing preventing many organisations from fully adopting remanufactured cartridge processes.”

CIG attributes its success rates to its development and implementation of “efficient automated manufacturing processes”, which allow the company “to set higher quality standards” than it was previously able to attain.

CIG explains that its remanufactured cartridges outperform new build cartridges (NBCs) “because they are carefully remanufactured from OEM originals”, reusing the original core. The company recently illustrated the differences between remanufactured and NBC cartridges in an in-depth white paper.

2018 has undeniably been a fruitful year for CIG, as in addition to announcing these “unprecedented” cartridge success rates, the company has also recently won an MPS award for its Axess program, launched a new business services division, and formed a partnership with Pontrelli Marketing.


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