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CIG acquires franking business

April 4, 2017

CIG (Clover Imaging Group) has acquired DC Imaging’s ColorLabs Ink Innovations business, which produces “high quality aftermarket mailroom consumables products” and other supplies for the mailing industry.

In a press release, CIG stated that the acquisition of ColorLabs meant that it now owns the “innovative developer of high quality aftermarket mailroom consumable products”, which is also a “premier supplier of speciality imaging supplies for the mailing, packaging, and printing industries”. CIG added that ColorLabs “was one of the first organisations to introduce compatible and remanufactured inkjet products to the internet commerce community in the US”.

The company then “eventually” expanded “internationally with business activities in North America, Europe, and Asia”, and CIG itself has “more than 10 years of experience in ink formulation and manufacturing of postage meter supplies”, alongside its “current postage meter supplies brands NuPost and ecoPost. These “deliver exceptional quality and performance”, and ColorLabs joins the “portfolio as the only aftermarket postage products approved by the US Postal Service”.

CIG concluded that its “ever-expanding portfolio of high quality postage products provides quality and performance that rivals the national brands at a fraction of the cost”, adding that the products are also “in stock and ready to ship”. Michael Frothingham, President of ColorLabs, commented that “our focus on the postal category allowed us to carve out a niche and to create intimate customer relationships, which we now look to expand given CIG’s global reach, product breadth, and manufacturing capabilities”.

Eric Martin, President of CIG, added: “The acquisition of the ColorLabs brand strengthens our postal ink technology and product breadth. The ColorLabs brand adds a defined focus on new categories for mailroom cartridges in addition to the high quality postal products that we already offer and will continue to offer to our loyal customers. Our goal is for CIG to provide the most comprehensive line of superior products and solutions under one platform.”

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