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Chinese counterfeiters raided

July 13, 2016

Authorities in Beijing raided electronics markets in Zhongguancun, seizing counterfeit electronics including toner cartridges and boxes.

Zhongguancun, Beijing

Zhongguancun, Beijing

Global Times reported on the raids, which were undertaken by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce’s Haidian branch, and which consisted of “several electronics markets in the Zhongguancun area”. The officials also discovered that “many of the sellers collected used toner containers of famous brands and refilled them with cheap toner”, before trying “to sell them as new ones at a high price”.

The raid saw authorities seize and confiscate “more than 100 fake toner cartridges and 300 empty branded packing boxes”, and the site noted that authorities “seized many fake and refurbished electronic products”, with officials checking “computers, cameras, copiers and their accessories sold in the markets, and found that a lot of them were fake”.

The Recycler reported yesterday that in a survey of Western European IT professionals, 68 percent believe “more could be done” by OEMs to stop the spread of counterfeit cartridges, with OEMs including Kyocera and Epson recently reporting their own raids and legal cases against counterfeiters.

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