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China import ban is being challenged?

August 11, 2017

UK Trade Associations jointly asked to get help on the recently announced import ban for unsorted waste.

Plastic Packaging reported that the UK Recycling Association and Confederation of Paper Industries have sent a joint letter, “requesting high-level diplomacy regarding the Chinese ban on the import of recyclable materials from the UK government on the recent import ban China announced.”

China announced the import ban on mixed recyclables on 18 July and only invited comments until 20 July. This, the associations feel is too short since the normal period is 60 days.

The article further explains, “The organisations claim that the move also goes against the grain of free and international trade and that the Chinese government, as part of the circular economy, must also take some responsibility for the materials it places on the market in the form of manufactured goods.”

Furthermore, the article describes that the recycling industry has taken measures but needs more time to respond and that in the letter the organisations are also asking the UK government to look at an international standard for exporting high-quality recyclable material.

Adrian Jackson, President of The Recycling Association told Plastic Packaging: “This action by the Chinese government seems draconian and against the spirit of international trade, especially as many companies, including our members, have worked hard to improve quality.”

“But for those materials that are still allowed to exported to China, this ban should serve as a warning. Unless the whole supply chain takes responsibility for the recyclability of a product at the end of its life, then key markets such as China will disappear. As a result, we have also asked the government to help us make the entire supply chain aware of the need to improve quality.”

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