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China anti-counterfeiting alliance announced

January 26, 2015

chinaAlliance set up in Beijing on 23 January to improve IP protection.

Global Times reported that the China Anti-Infringement and Anti-Counterfeiting Innovation Strategic Alliance has been set up to “further improve protection” of IP rights; with more than 100 members of the alliance calling for “modernised data sharing, a social common management mechanism and a civilian monitoring system” for IP rights protection.

Hong Yunfeng, Director of the alliance, reportedly said that “in the internet era” IP rights infringement “needs a public service platform based on big data analysis and information sharing”. He added that the alliance “is devoted to building a fair business environment and carving out a new image internationally for Chinese enterprises and products”.

Among the members of the alliance are smartphone maker Xiaomi Inc. and e-commerce company Alibaba, along with universities and industry associations; with Lui Yanxia, anti-counterfeiting Manager at Xiaomi Inc, noting that “with the popularity of our products, there are more and more counterfeit cellphones”. She added that she is hopeful the alliance will “protect the rights of companies with its resources”.

Global Times noted that, according to China’s main office for nationwide operations against IP infringement and counterfeiting, more than 110,000 cases of IP infringement were handled by Chinese authorities in the first three quarters of 2014. As a result, Chai Haitao, Deputy Head of the office, explained that special campaigns will be implemented this year “to crack down” on infringement and counterfeiting “in the booming e-commerce sector as well as in rural areas where law enforcement is lax”.

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