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Cheap Ink develops cartridge app

November 4, 2011

The company’s app will record cartridge purchasing habits and frequency.

Attributed to Chicago Business

Chicago-based cartridge collector Cheap Ink have developed an app that records the type of ink cartridge required in a printer and will keep records of purchases, reports Chicago Business.

The app will eventually be able to connect users to Cheap Ink’s renovated website, to allow
purchasing online.

Aaron Dallek, co-founder of Cheap Ink, spoke with Chicago Business: “In doing research for the app, we found that most people we talked to complained about not knowing which cartridge goes with their printer. When I go to Office Max, I see people walking around with their cartridge in their hand to make sure they buy the right one.

“The app eliminates that problem and allows you to save your cartridge information for easy reference in the future. We also make the app compatible with our website. If you sign in and save your cartridge information on the app, it will be there waiting for you on the website for easy ordering. We feel there’s a niche there that wasn’t being filled.

“Yes, the app does help us with marketing, but that’s secondary.”

Cheap Ink was recently featured in Inc. magazine’s 2011 list of 5,000 fastest-growing, privately held companies, and were ranked Chicago’s 22nd fastest-growing company.

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