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Changes at Promax Imaging

January 27, 2017

Tim Parsons has become General Manager, while Andy Goulter has moved on to a new opportunity.

Tim Parsons, Promax Imaging's new General Manager

Tim Parsons, Promax Imaging’s new General Manager

Andy Goulter has left the industry after previously working at Promax for 11 years, with his new role in the pensions and financial planning industry. Tim Parsons, Secretary at Promax, is now General Manager, and told The Recycler that the company is about to begin “restructuring” and “shuffling responsibilities”, though directors Chris and Elle Brooks remain as owners.

Parsons added that some of his new responsibilities he has “already been doing for some time”, but that he has “taken on major accounts as we begin starting to adapt for the modern demands of the industry. We’re moving back towards refilling, and focused on consumables and inks, but we’re solely B2B in that respect, because we’re focused on our customers’ needs, not the consumer. We don’t want to become our customers’ competition!”

He added that Promax will continue in “bulk B2B reselling”, but that the company is also “looking at various options to expand into new, related areas”, and with the “industry not as healthy as it was, we’re looking at diversifying, and potentially distributing some new products to add to inkjet. We hope to expand what customers want from us”.

On a personal note, Parsons added that he is “relishing the opportunity – I’ve been in the industry for 14 years, started as a Production Assistant at Promax while studying at university, and never left! It’s nice in my new role to have control of the direction of the business”.

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