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CET upgrades its product packaging

March 13, 2019

The CET Group has announced the upgrade and redesign of its product packaging.

The company explains that it opted for the upgrade in order to “enhance the CET brand image and improve competitive positioning” for its customers in worldwide marketing. According to CET, the new packaging will be implemented from this month onward.

It will apply to “finished toners, drum units, OPC drums and cleaning blades.”

CET explains that, “The unified pattern and image design on the new packaging will conform to the visual characteristics of the CET brand, reflect the corporate philosophy of CET, and enhance CET brand communication and customer recognition.”

The company also reveals that custom packaging is available upon request, although for customised products, minimum order quantities are required.

Products with upgraded packaging “will be progressively launched” until products with the old packaging are completely replaced. During this transition period, products with both the old and the new packaging will be available simultaneously.

The weight and quality of the products will remain the same following the upgrade.

CET concludes, “CET has applied for a patent for the new packaging and will take legal action against any counterfeiters.”

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