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CET merge with Spanish company

April 19, 2017

CET has completed a merger with REPROVEGO EXPORT, S.L. to increase their global strategy on the Office Automation industry.

The CET Group Spain Branch will work with REPROVEGO which is one of the top suppliers for “compatible consumables for copier machines” in Spain and Portugal.

CET stated that this merger will “improve the value chain of CET business” and that included both research and development and production “to the end user”, which will deliver “high quality CET compatible products and services to Spanish and Portuguese customers”.

The branch in Spain will be run by a management team from the area and CET will make sure that they have all the strategies and information that they need for business management and market development which will be in line with CET’s “corporate values of trust”.

Steven Ma, President of CET group, is said to “believe that [CET’s] management philosophy and corporate culture fosters innovation of enterprise globalization management”.

CET recently established a Russian branch which was reported in The Recycler.


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