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CET Group backs uni scholarship program

November 14, 2017

Last month representatives from the company visited Beijing University of Chemical Technology for a special signing ceremony to establish the program.

This week, CET Group released details of their visit to the University, which took place on the afternoon of 27 October 2017. A signing ceremony was held, attended by Ms. Dai Mei, CET Group’s General Manager, and Mr. Ren Xin Gang, the University’s Vice President, among other members of CET staff, university faculty and students.

The purpose of the ceremony was to “establish a scholarship program” which would be awarded to “gifted, hardworking, and innovative students that exhibit a desire to contribute to the greater good for society.”

Mr. Gang praised CET Group’s “spirited dedication to social responsibility” and their support for educational development. He revealed that both the company and the University shared the same values and “expressed the University’s willingness” to “further progress” development, scientific research and cooperation with “other enterprises and universities.”

After the meeting Ms. Mei and Mr. Gang signed the agreement to launch the scholarship program.

CET Group also revealed that it is “currently working on more cooperative agreements with many other universities and colleges, including Hebei University of Technology and North China Polytechnic, in order to benefit more students and their families.

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