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CET Group and PAULIMAC merge

June 27, 2017

The two companies have agreed to merge to create a strategic partnership in Brazil.

On the 31st of May in Sao Paulo, Brazil, following a 6-month-long negotiation by Steven Ma (president of CET Group) and Elizabeth Barbosa (Senior Manager of CET Group USA), PAULIMAC and CET Group have decided to merge, and the new company’s name will now be “Paulimac & CET Group Brasil”.

This merger includes several valuable assets, such as PAULIMAC’s estate, their buildings, and their warehouses. At the same time, CET Group also merged with PAULIMAC’s toner cartridge refilling factory, BENFICA. This company will now be called “Benfica & CET Group Brasil”.

PAULIMAC plays an important role in the compatible spare parts and consumables industry in Brazil. For the last 30 years, it has fostered its reputation as a high-quality product developer and a professional technical servicer.

Meanwhile, over the last two years, CET Group has adhered to the “1+1=11” development strategy and continues to create value for its customers and for the local market. Through this merger, these two companies will be able to bring high-quality products and services to Brazilian clients. This merger will also positively impact CET Group’s corporate culture and development.

To strengthen the development of the South American market, CET Group will manufacture copier cartridges and expand toner filling lines to meet their needs.

This is the third overseas branch that CET Group has developed in 2017 alone, and we have the utmost confidence that this new branch will expand the market in Brazil and in South America.

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