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CET Group and Nu-Tone reach agreement

July 7, 2017

Nu-Tone will exclusively distribute CET products in Canada under a distribution agreement between the two companies which was signed this month.

CET announced that distribution started on 1 July and that the company Nu-Tone, a distributor and manufacturer of alternative printing products, has officially become the sole distributor for the company in Canada. Nu-Tone is a company with over 17 years of experience in the digital imaging industry.

CET welcomed Martin Dagenais, President and Owner, Nu-Tone, and his team and said that Nu-Tone “constantly strives to excel and innovate” and produces “high-quality products, solutions and appealing alternatives for its customers”.

The strategy of CET Group is to help Nu-Tone in its goal to become “the number one printer and copier supply company” in Canada. Nu-Tone said that it would make every effort for a smooth transition for CET’s customers and that they would benefit from less shipping costs and faster delivery.

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