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CET establishes Russian branch

March 24, 2017

The supplier has set up a “wholly-owned” subsidiary in Moscow to provide Eastern Europe customers with better services and “professional solutions”.

The subsidiary in Moscow was officially launched this March, and is staffed by a professional team who have 20 years experience, who will be responsible for CET’s business in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia providing “full-scaled” professional services to “all types of photocopying industry customers”. The company added that it has “long been focused on developing and producing compatible spare parts and supplies for its proprietary brand”.

In turn, it has also been “committed to providing professional solutions to global customers in the OA market”, and Steven Ma, President of CET, Demi Dai, General Manager, and Ivy Yu, Associate General Manager, visited the new branch in Russia on 17 March to help the team celebrate, and joined in with “team-building activities”. CET said that the Russian team will be “adhering to the CET group’s continuous improvement, continuous innovation” strategy building confidence and “creat[ing] value” for the local market and customers.


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