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CET enjoys an eventful 2018

October 18, 2018

In the latest in a series of new company developments, on 16 October 2018, CET officially unveiled its new Technology Centre located in Caofeidian, celebrating with a grand opening ceremony in both Beijing and Caofeidian.

Mr. Steven Ma, CET’s Chairman, delivered the keynote speech at the event, a talk entitled ‘Foreseeing and Delivering Future Possibility for You’. He expressed his gratitude to all partners, customers and employees present for their support to CET Group.

This sprawling manufacturing facility, spanning over 980,000sqft, houses every part of CET’s production cycle and features a six-storey R&D office building as well as two ‘intelligent warehouses’ and a range of facilities for staff.

When the completion of the factory was announced in September this year, Steven Ma commented, “As a supplier, it is our duty to identify and nurture the needs of our customers. Whether our products are being distributed through CET USA, Q2, or any of our other sales groups, we want to maintain a win-win philosophy with our customers. One that creates a relationship built on mutual respect with the aim of creating more abundant opportunities, wealth, resources, recognition and reward. This principal is at the heart of our continuous development and growth.”

CET has marked a number of such occasions this year, including the hosting of a successful programme of Distributor Strategic Seminars in August this year, the acquisition of North American company Q2, and a fruitful annual conference held in February.

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