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Cartridgesave praised for customer service

May 8, 2012

Maz Iqbal, Business Strategist and Management Consultant, wrote an article about how online cartridge retailer delivers good customer service.

The article, on the Business 2 Community website, highlights how businesses can make a difference when delivering customer service, using as an example.

Iqbal details the process he underwent when ordering a toner cartridge online, explaining how was able to find the cartridge he was looking for immediately and offered next day delivery and free shipping, both of which were displayed “prominently” on the company’s website: “Obviously cartridgesave have figured out the kind of questions buyers are asking,” Iqbal commented.

Staying true to delivery times is listed as another asset of the company, with Iqbal adding: “I have noticed that the turnaround time between placing an order and receiving the order matters – it matters a whole lot.”

Iqbal was also pleased with the “personal, human touch” the company delivered once the cartridge had arrived, with the article describing in detail the letter that was included in the parcel. Despite not being personalised, he claims that the letter still felt personal due to the “logo, fonts, language, what’s in bold, what is ‘handwritten’, the clearly displayed phone number and email address for customer service”.

The fact that the letter is ended “with thanks from a human being” rather than the company’s name. That it thanks the customer and offers them to get in touch “if you have any problems whatsoever” is also praised by Iqbar, along with the company’s decision to include a sticker stating its contact details, which “occurs as an act of caring” rather than a marketing ploy.

The article concludes with Iqbar’s view that all companies can learn from the way Cartridgesave dealt with his purchase, stating: “It is not enough to be competent. It is not enough that you care. If you want to connect with the customer – to get his attention at an emotional level (and that is the only kind of attention that matters) then you absolutely have to aim for creating that “Wow!” in the customer.

“That is how the customer gets that you care.”

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